Energy Courses & Services

The Universal Energy is a strong and powerful healing & cleansing technique. It is pure cosmic energy flowing through from the 6th dimension and above.The Universal Energy is not just a healing technique; it also cleanses and energizes all that is around the Earth.

The Universal Energy is a strong & powerful energy that assist with life transformation, and the clearing of negative energies & entities, old habits and life blockages.

The Universal Energy assist attuned individuals in bringing more awareness to the present moment. The intelligence of the energy brings synchronicity into one's life to assist in one to reach one's fullest potential when one work hand-in-hand with The Universal Energy.

We provide a range of Energy Works & Services:

1. Life Coaching & Consultation

2. Aura Cleansing

3. Chakras Balancing

4. Energy Healing

5. Divine Energy Blessing

6. Energy Medicine

7. Communicating with Entity/Entities (Spirit Guides, Deceased Love ones, etc.)

8. Dealing & Clearing of Negative Entity/ Entities

9. Dealing & Clearing Dark Magic

10. Space Clearing 

11. Soul Sending

12. Mass Soul Sending

Note: Please note that all bookings should be made 48 hours before actual date. We will try to allocate the closest possible date & time available.

Service - Energy Medicine

Service - Mass Soul Sending

Service - Soul Sending