What is "The Art of Blessing"  for terrarium?

  • What we see and feel is a reflection of us.
  • We create our own world (in this case terrarium)
  • By nurturing “The Art of Blessing by AHTC©” terrarium we are training our hearts and minds to focus in realizing our true desires.
“The Art of Blessing by AHTC©” terrarium is a holistic means to blend

-       Good Intention (focus from heart and mind)

-       Universal Energy (Blessed in the holistic centre)

-       Crystals’ Natural Energy (Different Crystals will enhance different specific desires)

-       Life Force Energy (Life Plants)

    to enhance one’s wellness within one’s immediate environment

“The Art of Blessing by AHTC©”  terrarium Is a mini world created by us, reflecting our progress in meeting our heart’s true desires.


Taking Care of the Terrarium (The Art of Blessing by AHTC©) 

  • Air “The Art of Blessing by AHTC©”  terrarium once a week for about half a day.
  • No further watering is required if there are mists in the capped bottle.
  • The mist should not be too much till it block one from admiring the terrarium.
  • Admire the terrarium using your heart and mind, project one’s good intention and desire.
  • Make adjustment if necessary (Air, sun, water or replace the plants. Adjusting one’s intention and desire by listening to your heart and mind.)
  • It helps in distressing (relaxing one’s mind) and train one to be aware and focus in attaining one’s desire.

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