Understanding the metaphysics behind Fengshui about Space Clearing; it is a necessity and should be done at least once a year.

Space Clearing is the clearing away of old, stale and stagnant energies within the building and its space. Once these old energies are cleared, new and clean energies will be allow into the building and space to enhance and bless it.

Space Clearing is always essential to maintain a clean & energetic space for both the work and living environments. 

It can also help to remove negative energetic behavioral imprints that are created by strong emotions or trauma events. 


  1. Entering into a room after a heated argument had occurred. You may feel a sense of uneasiness in the air and space due to the energetic debris that were left behind after the argument.
  1. Purchasing of a new property (residential or commercial): There are always old, stale and unwanted energy debris left behind in any form of properties, and Space Clearing is needed to revitalized the space in the property.


There are also exceptional cases, such as the dwelling of negative entities (spirits, etc.) that are present in the property that need to be cleared. This will be under Clearing of Energetic Entities.

Fee: S$1.00/- per square foot of the floor area (excluding the outer parameters of the building)

Note: Please note that all bookings should be made 48 hours before actual date. We will try to allocate the closest possible date & time available.

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