About The Universal Energies

The Universal Energies is a strong and powerful healing & cleansing technique that you can learn for yourself, and your loved ones. It is pure cosmic energies flowing through from the 6th dimension, which is closer in understanding the needs and requirements on our 4th dimensional space and time, assisting with Earth’s energetic shift into ascending towards the 5th dimension. The Universal Energies is not just a healing technique; it also cleanses and energizes all that is.

The Universal Energies assist with life transformation, and the clearing of old habits, learning life lessons, understanding own karma and clears life blockages.

Once attuned with The Universal Energiesindividuals in bringing more awareness into the present moment. The intelligence of the energies will bring synchronicity into the individual's life to assist one to reach one's fullest potential when one works hand-in-hand with The Universal Energies

About The Universal Energies (UE) Courses:

The essence, knowledge and techniques of The Universal Energies (UE) taught by Adrian is channeled through from The True Divine Father Creator (God, All that is, The Universe) and assisted by The Ascended Masters (Guan Yin, Jesus, Krishna) from the 6th dimensions and above. UE assist one in connecting with The True Divine Father Creator.

When practicing The Universal Energies, one's purest of intent, will assist one with the Life Transformation one needs in this moment.

Know that this is not any other Reiki or energy healing practices. It is an intense life changing experience. Participants are expected to go through their daily lives-facing their deepest and darkest shadows.

Mr. Katsumoto Adrian will guide each individual through Energetic Group Life Coaching sessions during our weekly Meditation.

Each individual will also be provided with tools and guidance to handle their life-changing situations throughout the Part 1 of their course. 

The Universal Energies (UE) Part 1 

The Universal Energies (UE) Part 1 is a 100-days comprehensive course that offers you both theory and hands on practices; there consist of 2 tests and an exam. This is to establish the full alignment towards the UE and building self-confidence in the use of UE. During the 100 days, you will go through a step-by-step guidance on how to increase your own energy, healing your bodies (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual), recognizing life blockages and karmic patterns, eventually opening one 3rd eye ability.

By the end of UE Part 1, you will be enabled to energize your bodies (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual), protect your auric fields and bodies (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) effectively. You will also learn how to clear life blockages and karmic patterns in your life.

Mr. Katsumoto Adrian have also included relevant workshops which will help individuals to better understand how to enhance The Universal Energies experience.



The Universal Energies (UE) Part 2

The Universal Energies (UE) Part 2 offers you a deeper level of understanding towards becoming a true energy healer. You will be guided through theory and practical during the healing practices opportunities provided on every Friday’s Meditation session.

By 6 months of consistent healing practice and guidance, you will be enabled to heal your loved ones and those who are attracted to your vibrational frequency. You will be able to sense blockages and misalignments from the people that you heal, and become an effective & attuned healer.




Please note that The Universal Energy Course is meant for individuals who are ready for Life Transformation. Daily practices will improve your awareness of the present moment; assisting you in understanding your life purpose through your life transformations, allowing spiritual growth and the revealing of your life path when you learn to accept the present moment.

Note: The Universal Energy is NOT to be mistaken as any form of Reiki.