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Prevent Flu/ Cold

This Blessed Bracelet (8 mm Beads) consist of:

AmberPromotes Health and Healing 

ChrysocollaAids in Harmony and Remove Negativity from person 

FluoriteRelease Stress and Physical Blockages 

Bracelets will consist of Exotic Wood Grain Beads and/or Spiritual Lava Beads as the base for that effective grounding. Blessed Bracelets cost a flat price of $68 (Not including Shipping Fee) except for those with Amber, Moonstones, Lapis Lazuli or Citrine will cost $10 extra.


We Customise Bracelets for 

    • Birthday Gift 
    • Job Promotion 
    • Wedding Gift 
    • House Warming Gift 
    • Full Month Gift/ New Born 
    • Anniversary Gift 
    • Graduation Gift 
    • Get Well Soon Gift