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De-stressed and Clear Headache

This Blessed Bracelet (8 mm Beads) Consist of:

AmethystBalance of Crown Chakra and help physical ailments 

Rose QuartzAids in Healing and giving Love Energy 

HermatiteAbsorb Negative energy and calms Stress and Worry

Bracelets will consist of Exotic Wood Grain Beads and/or Spiritual Lava Beads as the base for that effective grounding. Blessed Bracelets cost a flat price of $68 (Not including Shipping Fee) except for those with Moonstones, Lapis Lazuli or Citrine will cost $10 extra.


We Customise Bracelets for 

    • Birthday Gift 
    • Job Promotion 
    • Wedding Gift 
    • House Warming Gift 
    • Full Month Gift/ New Born 
    • Anniversary Gift 
    • Graduation Gift 
    • Get Well Soon Gift