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Cintamani Stone

It is a "wish-fulfilling" jewel within both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, said by some to be equivalent of the philosopher's stone in Western Alchemy.  And it is once kept and protected in the city of Shambhala.  Many of the greatest empires of the world are said to have possessed these fragments.  The stone are responsible for the success.

It is a tektite similar to Moldavite.  Some say it is a meteorite derived from Sirius which is a binary star system.  

The stone is a  powerful, pan-dimensional artifact.  Possession of the stone elevates its holder to a higher state of being, granting knowledge of all time and space and, consequently, the potential for world domination.

This is a spiritual stone that will dig up one's goods and bads.  Only upon realization of ones behaviour will one progress further spiritually.  It is a very much sought after stone in spiritual world.

Dimension: L2.2 x B1.8 x H0.8 cm         Weight: 4 g

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