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The Episcia plant is related to the African Violet, EASY to grow, their foliage and colourful trumpet-shaped flowers add brightness to any room.  They are shade loving and required moist well drained soil.

Episcias sometimes called the flame violet have leaves of red, shiny green, bronze and silver and produce free flows of tubular flowers of white, yellow, lavender, pink or red.

Added to these attractions is their charming manner of growth.  Each plant sends out strawberry-like runners (stolons) which trail over the edge of the container.


We specialised in exotic episcia.  We sell episcia by their stolons.   The pleasure derived from growing the stolons and seeing them blossom and flowered are beyond description.  Warning:  This is an addictive hobby.


Listed are the pricing (Mix and Matches, Subjected to availability.)

3 stolons for $10. 

Premium species:   Suomi, Pink Panther, War Paint, Burning Ember, Chocolate Soldier, Silver Sheen, My Precious, Malaysia Gem, Moss Agate, Faded Jade, Karyln, Kee Wee


3 stolons for $20.

Platinium species:  Strawberry Patch, Thai Pink, Tiger stripe, Blue Heaven, Blue Nile, Country Cowboy, Country Kitten, Silver Sky, Star of Bethlehem, Pink Acajou, Grey Lady, Jim’s Canadian Sunset, Lady Amazon, Magnificent


3 stolons for $30

Perfection species:  Cleopetra, Pink Smoke, Pixie Dust, Picasso, Lemon Zest


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