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Double Terminated Enhydrous (3 to 4 spots) Buddha Quartz 

Enhydrous is whereby water bubbles (may include carbon particle) trapped inside the quartz during formation.  This "ancient" water is potent and it helps in the quartz manifestation.

This is an extremely rare quartz as there is a image of buddha sitting inside the quartz.  It is used primarily in meditation to aid in efforts to achieve spiritual enlightenment and free oneself from ignorance by awakening to the true nature of mankind.  It is a stone of Shangrila and brings the energy of that civilization to us.

This is also considered a quartz of peace and enlightenment, bringing the wisdom of ancient Chinese to today's world.

Dimension: L5 x B2 x H1.5 cm              Weight: 22 g

The stones on sales is sold as it is (one and only).  The real colour of the item may be slightly different form the picture shown on website.  This is due to factors such as brightness of the monitor or lighting condition when picture is taken.  If no measurement or comparison indicator is shown or mentioned, the size is usually less than 5 by 5 cm.