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The essence, knowledge and techniques of The Universal Energies™ (UE) taught by me are channeled through from The True Divine Father Creator and True Light (God, All that is, The Universe) and assisted by The Ascended Masters (Guan Yin, Jesus, Krishna, and etc) from the 6thdimensions and above. UE assist you in connecting with The True Divine Creator.

This is a Two Part course.

Part 1 & 2 of The Universal Energies™

 Course allow you to:

- Heal your love ones and others without depleting yourself

- Enhances one's psychic abilities

- Energizing your food and drinks for good health

- Clear and cleanse items of negative energies

- Empowering items such as crystals and charms for protection and good luck

Completing the TWO parts The Universal Energies™ Course, will allow you to proceed further with other more advance workshops and classes.