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Dendrite Fossil

Dendrite in limestone can release self- doubt and old emotional patterns that kept you from moving forward, either out of fear, low self -esteem or misguided beliefs.  This stone may help you connect with those you have lost touch with and can bring stronger emotional connections, especially if you work alone and don’t get to socialize often, Use it to network with other like-minded folks and increase your internet presence. Physically, they help with disorder regarding nerves, blood vessels, veins and arteries.  They may help with blood circulation.

The details of the branches and leaflets will captivate any sensitive soul.  If you look at the right most branch, you can even feel that the branch is swinging because a gust of wind has just gone passed it.

 Dimension:  L3.8 x B3.4 x H0.3 cm      Weight: 11 g

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