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Matrix - Plumbogummite after Pyromorphite Crystal Specimen

Beautiful Rare Speciment : Green Pyromorphite has partially coated and embedded by bluish Plumbogummite crystal.

Plumbogummite is historically rare, and has been worth more than its weight in platinum.  It is considered a lucky gem among celebrities and sportsmen.  It is used to enhance joy, reduce stress level, boost concentration power and to attain peace of mind.

Pymorphite is a crystal that will enhance the energy of its host crystal.  It provides all kinds of support to gardeners and conservationists, and it assist you in making contact with nature spirits, sprites and devas.  It helps one in dealing stressful situations and allow one to understand healthy balance between heart and mind.

Dimension: L3 x B3 x H1 cm         Weight: 16.6 g

Locality:  Guangxi China

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