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Penawar Hitam also known as Black Gold is a natural fossilised black wood core of another tree. Penawar Hitam is known to possess mystical magic according to the natives (orang asli).

The Penawar Hitam is rare, as it is only found in the core of other trees in the deep jungles, therefore the price is known to be expensive. Normal human beings are not meant to find its whereabouts even if they chops down the entire forest. Only the mystics or the gifted among the orang asli (native people) can sense the magical presence and locate the Penawar Hitam within the tree cores.,

Penawar Hitam brings good luck to its owner, it is also known to keep poisonous animals at a distance. Most importantly the Penawar Hitam is known to protect its owner from black magic, evil spirits and negative forces.

Length: 109cm x 6.4cm diameter