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Citrine Quartz Honey Wine Colour AAA

This Citrine is from very old mine that has ceased operation.  It was a collector item 30 years ago that was released by owner.  The colour remind you of this old wine and it emit that nostalgic mellow comfortable energy.

An exceptional attractor of abundance. Citrine also acts as a powerful cleanser and invigorator. This crystal enhances self-esteem and confidence and promotes joy. Excellence for concentration. Enhances creativity and generosity of spirit.

Dimension:  L9.8 x B3 x H2.8 cm     Weight: 110 g

The stones on sales is sold as it is (one and only).  The real colour of the item may be slightly different form the picture shown on website.  This is due to factors such as brightness of the monitor or lighting condition when picture is taken.  If no measurement or comparison indicator is shown or mentioned, the size is usually less than 5 by 5 cm.