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Seer Stone (Window Crystal/ Dreamer Crystal/ Emma's Egg) 

It is excellent aid to scrying as it shows past, present and future and can take you deep into your own inner self.  It is also said that you can program a seer stone to take you to a specific time frame to access the knowledge.  Window crystals will come to a person when he/she is willing to honestly look within the self and to accept the truth.  Each stone is said to have a spirit keeper of the crystal inside. 

Dimension:  L4 x B3.5 x H1 cm          Weight: 47 g

The stones on sales is sold as it is (one and only).  The real colour of the item may be slightly different form the picture shown on website.  This is due to factors such as brightness of the monitor or lighting condition when picture is taken.  If no measurement or comparison indicator is shown or mentioned, the size is usually less than 5 by 5 cm.